Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to FIX Fake 32 GB Kingston Pendrive (Thumb Drive)

fIXING Fake 32 GB Kingston Pendrive (Thumb Drive)

Yesterday I purchased a 32 GB Kingston Pendrive Which I found out to be fake one.
It shows & formats (32 GB Full Capacity) in Windows Explorer (windows xp, Vista)
wihout any error. 

  In order to fix it & know its Actual Capacity I ran some programes.
Now the problem is : It only shows 8 MB and windows cannto format it.

I googled and found some tools but thet didnt work :

Tools Used : 
PDx8_2k_v327.exe (PortFree Production Program version 3.27. [Flash Disk test.zip]) - Which actual did bad i think.

MPTool-2007103-Fix-Usb-key :- Did not detect the pendrive
UdTools1.0.4.6_20081010 :-  Did not detect the pendrive

ChipGenius.exe :- Gave the following result :
      Device Name: +[J:]+USB Mass Storage Device(Generic Flash Disk 2.0 USB Device)

      PnP Device ID: VID = 2000 PID = 2008
      Serial Number: 6&&C7FC0C7&&0&&2
      Revision: 2.80

      Device Type: Standard USB device - USB2.0 High-Speed

      Chip Vendor: micov(???)
      Chip Part-Number: MXT6208

      Product Vendor: Generic
      Product Model: Flash Disk 2.0

      Tools on Web:  http://bbs.mydigit.cn/read.php?tid=16769

I also opned the USB Pendrive Plastic Case & found the following Chip Number (Controler Number I think) : - HUC2168
   The number is different than the one shown by CHIPGENIUS.

Now How do I fix it :
1)  Either to its Original State 32 GB (showed & formated well)
2)  Or to its ACTUAL CAPACITY (Which is for shore >= 1 GB)

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